Monday, February 4, 2008

No new blogging due to Obama, princesses, and vulcans.

So the winter Carnival is finally over. It was a good time and the 2008 royal family seems to be perfect for the rehab the carnival needs. It has lost it's flair and lost being a Saint Paul winter carnival. It is a carnival for the public and not to spoil those who sit in an office. But those are politics that will be worked out within the canirval.

With both the 08 Krewe and the 08 Familes being so giving and not worried about making fun of themselves in order to raise spirits... This coming year will be wonderful. I see these groups being almost Klondike Kate like. The life of the party and always willing to put themselves out there to get a good time going.

So will be editing like crazy and hope to have eerything done this week. Though who knows as I have come down with a wicked cold that was almost gone until Saturday hit me and I ended up going without eating most of the day and on my feet all day.

So just as a teaser of what pics are soon to come.

We have pics from my date with Mr. Obama at the Target Center.

See more here.

The US Figure Skating Championship at Xcel

The Crowning of a new Queen

Bouncing Girls

And ice and snow sculptings/carvings.


Monday, January 14, 2008

It's Winter Carnival time!!

I have been pretty busy shooting pre-carnival events with the 2008 Queen of the Snows Candidates. there has been a brunch, and a dinner and this weekend we will see a fashion show featuring these beautiful and classy hopefuls. I will try to keep updates going, but this thing is the last priority to update, so I hope you understand.

I woulld however enjoy sharing a few images from the past two events.

Here is a photo of the past princesses with the Candidates.

Here you can see the amazing brunch served by K & J Catering.

And as you can see, saying goodbye after being a princess for a year can be be difficult.

And to not take up too much space... here is my favorite photo so far.
I hope that if you are in the area you can check out the Carnival this year. I personally do not understand why we will not have the snow sculptures this year and yet still having a few of the other public and private events. I would hope the carnival is putting the public before their private affairs as it is the sculptures that people come to see, not the private parties and events the public does not. I will say that many of the private parties are paid for by door charges and sponsors... I am not saying any public raised money is used for private use. I am saying however that balancing may need to be done to ensure there is always public events covered before planning for limited seating events that in the past have had a huge budget.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Bear

Um.. Bear and year. They don't rhyme.

This will ruin my 2008.


It is January 2nd and I am sitting in my cube at my day job. They want us to cross train into other teams and the only thing keep us from taking the other team's calls is a test. My plan is to fail these tests and not have to take someone else's calls and do their work. I would not be so against it if I actually would get paid more for learning someone else's job, but my company is so cheap that the only way you can stay caught up with the cost of living is if you get promoted once a year. Then you might get a 5% raise.

Sorry... had to vent.

Okay. I actually went out on NYE and spent it with my wonderful roller girls. There was only about 13 girls and their friends but it was a great time and I am lucky to have such wonderul people in my life.
We were at a NE Mpls bar well known in the area called Staciu's. I being someone that finds Mpls to be seedy was not too impressed at first, but the bar staff and locals there were great. The staff made sure everyone was safe and was having a good time and the locals enjoyed the company of strangers.
Here are some photos from the night.

Friday, December 21, 2007

For a photog, you don't post many pics.

Well I am not an annyoing "artist" photog. I am an event photographer or journalist style photog. I wonder if the artistic photographers even like to be called "photogs"? But in the same respect I cringe when I am called an "artist". Nothing against the artists, but I take great pride in my style of documenting. On the flipside I feel that calling what i do art takes away from the actual artists. Creators of beautiful eye candy and images that create emotion. It is one thing to captiure a moving and touching moment, but another to create. Not saying either has less meaning, but let's give credit where credit is do.

I document the already created. They create and should be documented.

Hey... what a wonderful relationship to be had.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The 6th Floor

So it seems according to the guy who sits in front of me who we will call Chris, there is some form of higher power of promise land on the 6th floor. When he is on a call with the client and the client is being idiots, he looks to the floor above for salvation.

I have never been up on the 6th floor but I imagine it being a place where togas are worn and people drink wine without damaging their liver.

Maybe some day I will find my way up there.

Forced entry #1

So I have nothing to say but I am forcing myself to write. My day is dragging as I sit in by cube at work. I need a vacation and I want to go some lace warm or run away to Chicago. Which is my favorite place to go and get away.

My day is full of our spoiled rotten client thinking they can lie about everything to get their way. Who the fuck do they think they are and why the hell would you want to work in a place that lying to your customers and the people who are supposed to help you is common practice? Anyone else not love their day job?

Monday, December 17, 2007

I must say

I work with some interesting people.

The client was calling in on one of their customers as they do and talking ot the guy next to me. The guy next to me who will will call Billy stops the caller from talking and says...

"Now let me just verify that we are talking about the customer Minnie Johnson".

Even though he said it with only the slightest smirk on his face, I could not help but laugh. He said the caller did not get his attempt to bring to their attention the customer was named after a little wee penis.

I love the people I work with from time to time.


Losing Focus

So the problem with blogging for me is that I really don't see anyone giving a shit about what I have to say. This is not because I think little of myself but because everyone has their own problems and journey to work through and who gives a fuck what some stranger has to say about anything?

I know that I for the most part really could care less and find people who keep journals or blogs who have no actual social status to be full of themselves. I know this is not always true and that some people do keep these for personal reasons.

I hope I fall into this being personal as I really just want a place to let out all of the screams and giggles that I seem to hold back in my day to day life.

This is blog attempt 167. I am trying hard to convince myself there is nothing wrong with having a blog and that it does mean I have an ego. It simply means that I have something that needs to be said and am trying to get over my dislike of writing.

Who knows... In time I may find my opinions wanted.