Monday, December 17, 2007

Losing Focus

So the problem with blogging for me is that I really don't see anyone giving a shit about what I have to say. This is not because I think little of myself but because everyone has their own problems and journey to work through and who gives a fuck what some stranger has to say about anything?

I know that I for the most part really could care less and find people who keep journals or blogs who have no actual social status to be full of themselves. I know this is not always true and that some people do keep these for personal reasons.

I hope I fall into this being personal as I really just want a place to let out all of the screams and giggles that I seem to hold back in my day to day life.

This is blog attempt 167. I am trying hard to convince myself there is nothing wrong with having a blog and that it does mean I have an ego. It simply means that I have something that needs to be said and am trying to get over my dislike of writing.

Who knows... In time I may find my opinions wanted.

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