Monday, February 4, 2008

No new blogging due to Obama, princesses, and vulcans.

So the winter Carnival is finally over. It was a good time and the 2008 royal family seems to be perfect for the rehab the carnival needs. It has lost it's flair and lost being a Saint Paul winter carnival. It is a carnival for the public and not to spoil those who sit in an office. But those are politics that will be worked out within the canirval.

With both the 08 Krewe and the 08 Familes being so giving and not worried about making fun of themselves in order to raise spirits... This coming year will be wonderful. I see these groups being almost Klondike Kate like. The life of the party and always willing to put themselves out there to get a good time going.

So will be editing like crazy and hope to have eerything done this week. Though who knows as I have come down with a wicked cold that was almost gone until Saturday hit me and I ended up going without eating most of the day and on my feet all day.

So just as a teaser of what pics are soon to come.

We have pics from my date with Mr. Obama at the Target Center.

See more here.

The US Figure Skating Championship at Xcel

The Crowning of a new Queen

Bouncing Girls

And ice and snow sculptings/carvings.


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