Monday, January 14, 2008

It's Winter Carnival time!!

I have been pretty busy shooting pre-carnival events with the 2008 Queen of the Snows Candidates. there has been a brunch, and a dinner and this weekend we will see a fashion show featuring these beautiful and classy hopefuls. I will try to keep updates going, but this thing is the last priority to update, so I hope you understand.

I woulld however enjoy sharing a few images from the past two events.

Here is a photo of the past princesses with the Candidates.

Here you can see the amazing brunch served by K & J Catering.

And as you can see, saying goodbye after being a princess for a year can be be difficult.

And to not take up too much space... here is my favorite photo so far.
I hope that if you are in the area you can check out the Carnival this year. I personally do not understand why we will not have the snow sculptures this year and yet still having a few of the other public and private events. I would hope the carnival is putting the public before their private affairs as it is the sculptures that people come to see, not the private parties and events the public does not. I will say that many of the private parties are paid for by door charges and sponsors... I am not saying any public raised money is used for private use. I am saying however that balancing may need to be done to ensure there is always public events covered before planning for limited seating events that in the past have had a huge budget.

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