Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Bear

Um.. Bear and year. They don't rhyme.

This will ruin my 2008.


It is January 2nd and I am sitting in my cube at my day job. They want us to cross train into other teams and the only thing keep us from taking the other team's calls is a test. My plan is to fail these tests and not have to take someone else's calls and do their work. I would not be so against it if I actually would get paid more for learning someone else's job, but my company is so cheap that the only way you can stay caught up with the cost of living is if you get promoted once a year. Then you might get a 5% raise.

Sorry... had to vent.

Okay. I actually went out on NYE and spent it with my wonderful roller girls. There was only about 13 girls and their friends but it was a great time and I am lucky to have such wonderul people in my life.
We were at a NE Mpls bar well known in the area called Staciu's. I being someone that finds Mpls to be seedy was not too impressed at first, but the bar staff and locals there were great. The staff made sure everyone was safe and was having a good time and the locals enjoyed the company of strangers.
Here are some photos from the night.

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God said...

Nice shots, dogg. And I have to agree to a point on Minneapolis. It definitely is a bit more seedy, but you know what? Seedy is interesting.

Seedy makes for good photos.

Nothing against St. Paul, but the photo ops are much, much richer in Minnecrapolis.